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Welcome to the Hack-A-Sat 3 final event!

Some of the best hackers in the world are competing in this space security focused Capture the Flag Event. Teams are competing for prizes that include: $50,000 for first place, $30,000 for second place and $20,000 for third place. These 8 teams rose to the top of a tough qualification round in May and are well-prepared for an even tougher Final Event.

As our lives become increasingly dependent on technologies that lie deep in space and the commercialization of space accelerates above us… we must do what it takes to secure our universe. In its 3rd year, Hack-A-Sat is designed to inspire the world’s top cybersecurity talent to develop the skills necessary to help reduce vulnerabilities and build more secure space systems.

The United States Air Force and the United States Space Force jointly present Hack-A-Sat, which is open to all cybersecurity researchers who want to up their skills and knowledge of space cybersecurity. This Capture-The-Flag challenge begins with a Qualification Event and culminates in an attack/defend style Final Event.

Over the past two years, the Hack-A-Sat community has learned a lot about hacking in space. We’ve learned to keep our batteries charged, terms like nadir and how to compute quaternions in our sleep. As a result, Hack-A-Sat 3 offers the most realistic space environment yet.

We’re building a global alliance of hackers, researchers and everyday enthusiasts who nerd out on hacking and securing the future of space. Along the way, we’re continuing to make our learnings public, so anyone can catch up, learn and play in our evolving library of resources available here.

Time is of the essence. With so much of our lives dependent on technology in space, we must do what it takes to secure it now. We must Learn. Space. Faster… for the good of the planet and to prepare for Hack-A-Sat 4, which will be the first-ever on-orbit hacking competition.